100% of Laik Concept jackets come from abandoned, vintage jeans. All our jeans are hand-selected and verified to meet the highest standards of quality. Every single jacket is thoroughly planned from the beginning.

The process starts with choosing the right set of 2-4 pairs of jeans, depending on the design and size. Each pair has to be unstitched/ripped in the right places. Unstitched pants are then altered and modified to meet the style and size requirements of the pattern. This is why every Laik Concept jacket organically becomes unique and distinct.

After all the parts are sewn together little finishing touches are made. We then add little rips and tears to create an extra vintage feel. We do not believe in waste, all leftover parts of jeans are kept and used later for different designs.

Our goal is to keep the spirit of vintage jeans alive by giving them a second chance as Laik Concept Jackets.